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Visit Corfu!

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My family and I visited Corfu last year and I thought it was one of the most beautiful places to go on holidays. The beaches are sandy with clear blue waters, the view out to the sea looked so magical. It almost felt like I was watching a 2015, 1080p Disney animated movie. I did take a lot of pictures which I don’t think does it justice; you will have to go there to see for yourself. And for those of you who have visited Corfu, I am sure you will agree with me (lol). Unlike what we have here in Ireland, the weather in Corfu was hot with an average of 28 to 32 degrees. I remember having a shower and sweating at the same time. Not to worry though, because drinks are inexpensive ( so you can cool of nicely). Alcohol was cheap compared to what you can buy them for here. Local wine was everywhere and in restaurants they served wine in carafe instead of bottles. Corfu also has many historical buildings and ancient sea caves,  many of which are in good condition. I was fortunate enough to explore and take pictures of some of them including a Fortress. wpid-wp-1443306874783.jpeg

wpid-wp-1443306775813.jpegHowever, not all of it was bliss. The restaurants, although served a lot of food that were fresh, they also fried them, especially appetisers and side dishes. Nevertheless, I would recommend any lamb meal but do not make the mistake of ordering pizza (soggy, not their best) and prawns (5 at most on a plate). Visit Corfu!

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