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The Celtic Clan

Well it seems that you can’t miss superhero’s these days. They are everywhere from movies, TV series, kids toys and cartoons and even where it all began; comic books. But an interesting fact is that most of these superheroes are American. Where are all the other superheroes from other countries? So I went researching and found a whole universe of superheroes from all corners of the globe.  There were hundreds of small press publishers that are adding more culture and flavour to the all American superhero genre.

One such comic is “The Celtic Clan”, which is an Irish independent comic book published by Punt Press. CC TeamThe comic stars    Celtic-Clan-2-Cover

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Ireland’s premier super-powered team who has a secret base underneath New Grange and fight an ongoing battle with an ancient race of shape-shifting reptilian’s who call themselves “The First Race”. The members of The Celtic Clan includes “The Athlete”, a former junkie and the speedster on the team.

There is a duo of heroines called “Legacy” and “Nymph”. “Legacy” fights crime with her shield and spear, (the Gae Bolg) which she inherited from Fionn Mac Cumhaill (Nymph who is half human and half fairy is her partner). The other members on the team are “Ard Ri”, a former high king of Ireland who is now more bog than man and the mysterious “Citizen” who wears full body riot gear which is adorned with the Irish tricolour and then “The Druid”, a former man of science who was transformed by Newgrange into a man of mysticism.

The last two members are “The Celtic Tiger” (an overweight, anthropomorphic tiger, former MMA boxer with a bad temper) and finally; time lost axe welding St Patrick (yes the one and only St Patrick ). It is a 32 page fully colour ongoing comic and at this moment 3 issue have been released .

The Celtic Clan comic book can be picked up at

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