via Daily Prompt: Swallow

… When you think about it, think about it.. Life = a lot of Swallowing..


You Swallow your food to live..

You Swallow your pride to survive..

You Swallow the rudeness of customers to keep your job..

You Swallow the pain of child bearing for that amazing baby..

You Swallow your true thoughts to be politically correct..

Swallow Swallow Swallow Swallow.. . It goes on and on…

The next morning you suppress it all with a cup(s) of coffee, Swallow it down.

And it starts all over again… Lol

Happy Swallowing people…



Fraud – 419

via Daily Prompt: Fraud

When I hear “fraud”, I immediately think of 419.

419 is a section of Nigerian law that covers fraud and is associated with Nigerian 419 scam. These scams come in many variations, some of them suck in the victim by promising a large share of money in return for an advance (upfront) payment. While others might claim to be in dire need of help to survive. Some scammers even go further by professing their love to the victim in other to weaken them.

There is no doubt that so many people have fallen victim to this. 419 fraud not only affects the individual on a personal level but also financially (the person is completely left scared, mistrustful, hurt and broken).

419 fraud has become so prolific that it has affected Nigeria on a cultural level; so when you hear of 419 fraud, you probably immediately think of Nigeria…yikes.

The sad thing about this type of fraud is that the perpetrator egotistically thinks that it’s the victim’s fault for being too trustful and not savvy enough. Therefore the victim deserves to lose his or her money.

They are called “mugu”


Cloaked – conceal

via Daily Prompt: Cloaked

We have all had to cloak our feelings, thoughts and emotions at some point in our lives. Whether it’s because of society, or out of necessity; concealing has become a necessary survival skill.

When that skill has not been mastered, uncertainty reigns. Speaking out and showing one’s true thoughts has a way of making others uncomfortable. It either lands you in trouble and/or makes you feel liberated.

… And for those who can neither speak out or keep it in, they find a way to make it STOP.

Mental health… Think

Kimono with African print

I recently came across a new fashion trend that is exciting and fresh. I have longed for African prints to become part of mainstream fashion… Still waiting…

But these fashion designers (Serge Mouangue and Kururi) have beautifully blended African prints with Japanese Kimonos to create a great fusion called “Wafrica’s Kimonos”.

Check it out……



via Daily Prompt: Ascend

So let’s see… definition of Ascend is “to move, climb, or go upwards, mount or rise”. Hmm…. That might as well be the one of the many definitions of being human.

Everything about Mankind screams ASCEND. From the moment we are born, we grow to become who we are as adults. Some are groomed through nurture to become the best, while others were already born to be best.

Whether you are crawling, walking or running; moving on and up is what everyone wants to do.

Unfortunately, the need to rise often leads to ugly competition, envy, greed and destruction. It’s everywhere you look; the news, social media, people’s careers, etc.

… And then it happens (Bam!) ; politics, war, religion….. All wanting to be superior amongst the rest….. Think!



via Daily Prompt: Succumb

The world today, as we all experience it, is full of choices, options and pressures from a variety of different sources. Whether it’s from your job, social media, home or peers, there is always something that is prone to influence or affect you.

At some point in our lives, we would definitely SUCCUMB to the mounting pressures of life (after all we are only human).

There are two options here, to succumb or not to succumb.

If you choose the first option, life blows you like wind, it takes you wherever and whenever.

But if you are like the others that prefer not to succumb to every influence and opinions that comes their way, FOCUS becomes the KEY.

It then starts from knowing who YOU are and accepting it, before knowing what you want, then pursuing what or who you would be.

Think about it…..