via Daily Prompt: Swallow … When you think about it, think about it.. Life = a lot of Swallowing.. So… You Swallow your food to live.. You Swallow your pride to survive.. You Swallow the rudeness of customers to keep your job.. You Swallow the pain of child bearing for that amazing baby.. You SwallowContinue reading “Swallow”

“Friends” vs “Millennials”

Thanks to Netflix, I have just finished binging on 10 seasons of “friends” television show and I must say I enjoyed every episode. The show is funny, entertaining and easy to watch. For me, the jokes just never get old. The storey lines are based on real life every day scenarios that these six friendsContinue reading ““Friends” vs “Millennials””

The most beautiful in Hollywood??

So there has been a few arguments from people that I know (not naming names, lol) and it’s about this known fact, that Alexandra Daddario is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. You may remember her in the Percy Jackson film series and Baywatch. They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder….. butContinue reading “The most beautiful in Hollywood??”

Fraud – 419

via Daily Prompt: Fraud When I hear “fraud”, I immediately think of 419. 419 is a section of Nigerian law that covers fraud and is associated with Nigerian 419 scam. These scams come in many variations, some of them suck in the victim by promising a large share of money in return for an advanceContinue reading “Fraud – 419”

Cloaked – conceal

via Daily Prompt: Cloaked We have all had to cloak our feelings, thoughts and emotions at some point in our lives. Whether it’s because of society, or out of necessity; concealing has become a necessary survival skill. When that skill has not been mastered, uncertainty reigns. Speaking out and showing one’s true thoughts has aContinue reading “Cloaked – conceal”

Kimono with African print

I recently came across a new fashion trend that is exciting and fresh. I have longed for African prints to become part of mainstream fashion… Still waiting… But these fashion designers (Serge Mouangue and Kururi) have beautifully blended African prints with Japanese Kimonos to create a great fusion called “Wafrica’s Kimonos”. Check it out……