Brown rice with creamy chicken, sweet corn and chickpeas. #Simplelunch

#Simplelunch This is an example of a very easy meal to prepare. Delicious, healthy and quick. All you need… Brown rice (cook as per pack instructions) Diced chicken breast (stir fried) Cooked chickpeas (canned is fine) Sweetcorn (canned) Preferred seasoning Bell peppers

Kidney beans and chick pea rice

Ingredients Brown rice (boiled) Chick pea (boiled) Bell peppers (three colours) Olive oil Pepper Salt Soy sauce   Method Boil chickpeas, kidney beans and rice then set aside. Chop bell peppers and fry in olive oil for a few minutes, then season. Stir in chickpeas, kidney beans, then rice and combine well. Sprinkle soy sauceContinue reading “Kidney beans and chick pea rice”

One pot coconut rice

Coconut is my favourite nut; it doesn’t just tastes and smells good, everything in a coconut can be used for something. This is a very simple and easy meal that can be made in no time.   Ingredients Fresh coconut Frozen vegetables; carrot, peas, corn, e.t.c. (defrosted) Rice Stock cubes Curry powder (For colour-optional) ThymeContinue reading “One pot coconut rice”