Mackerel, coconut and calamari soup

This is a quick and seriously tasty soup. Smells mouth watering too! Ingredients Fresh coconut Fresh Mackerel (whole) Calamari Stock cube Pinch of salt Black pepper or Scotch bonnet   Method Make a hole in one eye of the coconut and enjoy its juice, then break into small pieces and scoop out flesh. Blend coconutContinue reading “Mackerel, coconut and calamari soup”

Coconut and Almond bake

This is a very quick and easy recipe for a low Carbohydrate snack.   Recipe Almond meal Coconut flour Cocoa Desiccated coconut Eggs Butter Sugar   Method Blend together sugar and butter until smooth and soft. Whisk in eggs and stir in almond meal, coconut flour, desiccated coconut and cocoa. Batter should resemble soft dough.Continue reading “Coconut and Almond bake”

One pot coconut rice

Coconut is my favourite nut; it doesn’t just tastes and smells good, everything in a coconut can be used for something. This is a very simple and easy meal that can be made in no time.   Ingredients Fresh coconut Frozen vegetables; carrot, peas, corn, e.t.c. (defrosted) Rice Stock cubes Curry powder (For colour-optional) ThymeContinue reading “One pot coconut rice”

Coconut and Almond biscuits

These are super easy to make and will definitely go well with your favourite beverage. Make a batch and pop into your lunch box.   Ingredients Ground Almonds Desiccated coconut Brown sugar (1tbs) Butter (softened) Strong white flour Salt (pinch)   Method Pre heat oven, 180 degrees. In a bowl mix brown sugar, salt, equalContinue reading “Coconut and Almond biscuits”