Brown rice with creamy chicken, sweet corn and chickpeas. #Simplelunch


This is an example of a very easy meal to prepare. Delicious, healthy and quick.

All you need…

Brown rice (cook as per pack instructions)

Diced chicken breast (stir fried)

Cooked chickpeas (canned is fine)

Sweetcorn (canned)

Preferred seasoning

Bell peppers

Kidney beans and chick pea rice


Brown rice (boiled)

Chick pea (boiled)

Bell peppers (three colours)

Olive oil



Soy sauce



Boil chickpeas, kidney beans and rice then set aside. Chop bell peppers and fry in olive oil for a few minutes, then season. Stir in chickpeas, kidney beans, then rice and combine well. Sprinkle soy sauce and keep stirring until its all heated through. Serve hot. Enjoy.