HiBREW ACM009 Multifunctional Portable Coffee Machine – AC Adapter


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1. Car portable coffee machine:

car heating one-button extraction, a cup of fragrant coffee with you;

2. The machine produces 15BAR gold pressure:

high-pressure steam quickly penetrates the coffee natural material, fully extracts and releases the rich oil essence, and restores the positive flavor of the alcohol;

3. A variety of machine compatibility :

(machines are carefully equipped with portable toner cartridges, N-plate capsules, N-plate capsules, D-plate capsules), and you can choose materials to match. Suitable for coffee powder, D version (Dolce Gusto) coffee capsules, N version coffee capsules;

4. Vacuum coffee powder box:

lock the fresh fragrance of coffee powder, reuse environmental protection;

5. With milk foam machine:

fancy modulation, lattecappuccino, macchiato, American coffee, Kangbao blue, Afjiadu, enrich your imagination, so that the taste is no longer single;

6. The machine is strict with details and pursues high quality:

The machine is equipped with an electronic intelligent temperature sensor to automatically detect the water temperature, ensuring the proper temperature for brewing coffee, allowing you to wait for delicious coffee; fine mesh, high pressure extraction without leakage;


7. Certification:

FCC certification, FDA certification, CE certification.



Product weight 600g
Water tank capacity 60ml
Product size 70 X 240MM
Packing size 271 X 171 X 100MM
Rated power 80W
Rated voltage DC12V
Product pump pressure 15Bar
Product application Nestle capsules (Small), Nestle Dolce Gusto Capsule (Large)
Product parameters ACM009


Package include:

Type A :

1 x Coffee Machine  

1 x USB Adapter 
1 x Manual



Additional information

Weight 1 kg



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