HIBREW 2 in 1 350nl/450ml Portable Electric Grinder

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  • 2-in-1 Bean grinder and syrup machine:

Multifunctional usage, so you can enjoy the sweetness of syrup and the mellow smell of coffee.

  • High Quality:

Made of high quality materials,durable and non-toxic.

  • Portable:

The electric fruit syrup cup is compact and lightweight, convenient to carry out, not occupying much storage space.

  • USB charging port:

USB Charging at all time and anywhere. Dust plug waterproot and dustproot.

  • Frosted silicone buttons:

Click once to check battery condition,double click to start,click again accelerate.

  • Silicone non-slip mats:

Reduce vibration and noise when start, quiet and safe during use.

  • Double-edged knife:

The electric fruit syrup cup with double-edged knife blade can bring you smooth fruit syrup quickly.

  • Scope Of Application:

The electric fruit syrup cup can help you to quickly make smoothies, milkshakes, coffee,fruit syrups, complementary foods, vegetable syrups, soy milk and so on.





Recharge: DC5V/1A

Size: 7.9*15*7.9cm(Bean grinder), 7.9*13.5*8.3cm(syrup machine)

Volume:350ml(coffee powder),450ml(fruit syrup)

Accessories: Conical funnel,Tritan cup and Blading base



Package included:

Type 1:one cup

Type 1:double cup

1 * 2-in-1 portable Bean grinder and syrup machine



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