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Pet Poop!!

The issue of uncollected dog poop is a topic that bugs me a lot…

So on a dry and maybe sunny day (if you are lucky) you decided to go for a walk, feeling good and enjoying the heat and fresh air; and then suddenly you see a pile of dog s**t. Lucky enough, you see it just in time and step over it, but then you step right on top of another pile. That is enough to ruin anybody’s mood. Not only because you just stepped on something vile, but you probably do not have any immediate way of washing or cleaning it off.

I like dogs and I think they can be cute, especially the smaller breeds. But I am sure anybody would agree that it is very irresponsible when dog owners do not pick up their dog litter- even when they do, some may leave it in a bag on the streets or hung on a tree branch (ewww). And it is even worse that nothing is being done about it.

Sure, there are signs on streets prohibiting and even threatening this act with fines and all, but they obviously do not work.

As if dog owners letting their dog, poop on side walks was not bad enough, they actually let their pets relieve themselves in front of people’s houses, gardens, lane ways and public parks where kids play. Mum’s pushing their prams/buggies on that stuff and toddlers crawling or walking on it… urgh!! Not fair at all!!

So what’s the reason for this laziness???

One of the excuses I have come across is that there aren’t enough bins on the streets to encourage correct disposal.


Is that enough reason??


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