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Oiva Fire extinguisher, black. Was €99 Now €89. Save €10

Designed by professor Oiva Toikka. Oiva is not only attractive, but easy to use and functions like a standard spray bottle. Designed especially for extinguishing cooking oil fires, Oiva can put out up to 25 litres of burning oil. Can be used to extinguish other fires as well. Materials: plastic, biodegradable fluid high performance fat extinguishing agent based on organic salts (includes 1,2,3-benzotriazole>0.1 < 0.25%w/w). Not refillable. Dispose after use.


Sarpaneva Cast Iron Pot 3 L. Was €209, Now €170 Save €39. Pre order for delivery in 3 weeks!

Heavy cast iron pot with detachable wooden handle can be used for all types of dishes. Cooks food evenly on all hobs and oven. Enamel coating prevents food from sticking. Modern Scandinavian design. Hand wash only.


Collage cast Iron teapot – 1.2 L. Was €120, Now 110 Save €10.

Hard and durable cast iron teapot. Suitable for all heat sources, except microwave. Japanese design. Can also be used as a decoration when not in use. Aesthetically pleasing. 17.5cm diameter, 8cm height, 20cm lenght, black.


Sowden Kettle 1.5 L, Yellow. Was €115, Now 109 Save €6

Made with Stainless steel and durable plastic. Beautiful colour combination. Sturdy handle and easy to pour. Modern design.


Oiva teapot 0.7 L, White. Was €85, Now €80 Save €5 In stock December 29!

Beautiful teapot made with ceramic and wood. 18cm height, 14cm diameter. Hand wash only, not for stove.


Majamoo pot stand set, birch. Was €45, Now €40 Save €5

Made with Birch Plywood. Perfect for both hot and cold pots/dishes. Can be used together or seperately. Includes 2 stands – medium and large. 1.4cm height, 15cm / 21cm diameter.


Sbriciola bread board. Was €95, Now €90 Save €5

Made of bamboo and thermoplastic resin. Sbriciola bread board keeps your table top clean – bread crumbs fall through the slits. Crumb collector also has a chamber for breadknife. 42cm lenght, 27cm width, 4.5cm height. Knife is not included.


Brunchtime Box gift set. Was €89, Now €70. Save €19

Set includes a booklet with delicious recipes from Benoit Castel, mineral B carbon steel pan – coated with natural beeswax that protects it from corrosion, steel ladle with beech handle and beech wood spatula. Pan will turn darker when used regularly and develop a natural non-stick coating. Pan Lenght: 48cm :Ladle lenght: 24cm. Ladle width: 9cm Pan height: 1.2cm. Diameter pan: 27cm. Can be used on all cook tops. handwash only.


Norden cast iron casserole 6 L. Was €210, Now €187 Save €23

Top quality cast iron thermium mineral treatment, Finnish birch with removable wooden trivet. Non- stick surface is suitable for high temperatures. Strong durable easy to maintain materials like steel, cast iron and wood. 34cm lenght, 30cm width, 16.3cm, 6 L capacity, 7.986kg weight. suitable for all hobs. Ovenproof up to 240 degrees. Handwash only.


Serax Collage wooden cup. Was €27, Now €24 Save €3

Made of natural acacia wood. This tea cup can also serve as a kitchen decoration when not in use. Designed by Giel Dedeurwaeder and Brent Neve. Height 5.8cm, Depth 8.5cm, 150mls capacity. Hand wash.



Normann Copenhagen Craft Mortar and Pestle, white. Was €110, Now €100, Save €10

Craft mortar and pestle is made of exclusive and durable natural materials. The mortar is solid oak and pestle is made of robust marble. Designed by Simon Legald. Height: mortar 7.5cm, pestle 12.5cm. Diameter: mortar 13cm, pestle 3,8cm. Hand wash only.


Tom Dixon Stone Spice Grinder. Was €134, Now €124. Save €10

Stone spice grinder by Tom Dixon is an elegant accessory for your kitchen. The bowl is made of marble and the ball is made of brass and weighted with an inner cast iron core. Made of white morwad marble and brass, 8cm height, 13cm diameter.



Iris hantverk Pan Brush, Natural. Was €40, Now €35, Save €5

Iris Hantverk’s pan brush features a pleasant handle that offers a good grip while scrubbing pans and pots. The brush is made from Birchwood with rigid, water resistant bristles made from a blend of plant fibres. Height is 12.5cm and 8cm diameter.


The Hedgehog toothpick dispenser. Was €49, Now €45, Save €4

Spring Copenhagen wooden hedgehog toothpick dispenser, designed by Mencke & Vangby The toothpick comes out of the hedgehog’s steel snout neatly, one at a time. Made from oak and steel, lenght is 11.3cm, 6cm width, 3.7cm height and 0.083kg.


Hay Kitchen Scissors Large. Was €26, Now €20, Save €6

Hay’s kitchen scissors combines strong character of iron with a light and rounded design. Large grips to fit any hand. Charming old-school scissors helps you to chop herbs and open different packages. Can be hung on the wall as a decoration when not in use. Lenght is 20cm.


Oiva – Pikku Koppa serving dish, aqua. Was €65, Now €50 Save €15

Small ceramic serving dish with a leather handle. Suitable for everyday use, serving food, storing items or displaying objects. Beautiful and unique design. Stoneware and leather, 13.5cm lenght, 12.5cm width and 4cm height. Dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer safe. Wash without leather handle.



Green herb knife/chopper. Was €45, Now 40 Save €5

The Green herb knife/chopper is used by rocking it on top of the herbs, allowing its curved ultra-sharp blade to chop, cut or slice ingredients quickly and efficiently. Made of plastic and stainless steel. Lenght is 30cm, 4cm width and 8cm height. Handwash only.



Eva Solo Green Tool burger press. Was €45, Now €40. Save €5

The Green Tool burger press by Eva Solo makes shaping even patties simple as can be, whether it is for veggie burger, cheese burger, hash browns or swiss rosti. Material is plastic and stainless steel, 7cm height, 9cm diameter. Dishwasher safe.



Eva Solo green Tool flavour grinder. Was €64, Now €54. Save €10

The Green flavour tool grinder by Eva Solo is lighter than a traditional mortar and pestle. It is used by twisting, rocking or pressing the handle into the cup to grind herbs and spices. Dish washer safe. Materials: plastic and stainless steel. Height 13cm, diameter 7.8cm.



Eva Solo Green Tool mini chopper. Was €64, Now €54. Save €10

The Green Tool mini chopper by Eva Solo functions simply by pulling the drawstring on the lid, no electricity required. Dual function, chops and whisks. Material is plastic, stainless steel, nylon string. 15cm lenght, 11.5cm width, 12.5cm height and 11.5cm diameter. Handwash only.



Eva Solo Green Tool spinning colander. Was €64, Now €54. Save €10

The Green Tool spinning colander by Eva Solo is an indenious 2 in 1 tool that can be used both as a salad spinner and a colander. The spinner function works by pushing and lifting the axle in the middle and the excess water runs through the holes at the bottom. Dishwasher safe. Materials: plastic and stainless steel. Height 17cm,diameter 24cm.



Niimaar Biowaste Box, moss. Was €129, Now €119, Save €10

Niimaar Biowaste Box offers a modern and practical way to sort and store organic waste. Designed by Andreu Carulla. the biowaste box is made from textured woodio wood composite with a light coloured birth plywood lid. Can be stored on the kitchen counter, easy to clean and used without a biowaste bag. Lenght is 28cm, width 13cm, height 16cm. Empty daily. Rinse and wipe clean.



De Buyer Homemade Bread Box. Was €60, Now €52. Save €8

De Buyer’s Homemade Bread Box includes practical tools for anyone who loves baking. The set includes a baguette baking tray, a rectangular bread pan, a dough cutter, a baker’s blade and a recipe booklet from French baker and pastry chef Benoit Castel. Materials: iron, PFOA free, PTFE coating, steel protection against oxidation. Baking tray lenght 37cm, bread pan 35cm, width 16cm, height 2.5cm. Handwash only.



Georg Jensen Sky hip flask. Was €85, Now €75, Save €10

The sky hip flask is a flowing sculptural shape with leather handle made of mirror polished stainless steel. Designed by Aurelien Barbry. Width is 7.7cm, depth is 2.8cm, height is 14.5cm and capacity is 0.15L.


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