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Fraud – 419

via Daily Prompt: Fraud

When I hear “fraud”, I immediately think of 419.

419 is a section of Nigerian law that covers fraud and is associated with Nigerian 419 scam. These scams come in many variations, some of them suck in the victim by promising a large share of money in return for an advance (upfront) payment. While others might claim to be in dire need of help to survive. Some scammers even go further by professing their love to the victim in other to weaken them.

There is no doubt that so many people have fallen victim to this. 419 fraud not only affects the individual on a personal level but also financially (the person is completely left scared, mistrustful, hurt and broken).

419 fraud has become so prolific that it has affected Nigeria on a cultural level; so when you hear of 419 fraud, you probably immediately think of Nigeria…yikes.

The sad thing about this type of fraud is that the perpetrator egotistically thinks that it’s the victim’s fault for being too trustful and not savvy enough. Therefore the victim deserves to lose his or her money.

They are called “mugu”


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