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Christmas Day and driving

Christmas day is a time for merriment. For many, it means getting together with family and friends, chatting away and reminiscing, eating way too much food, drinking unbelievable amount of alcohol, watching Christmas movies and Of course, putting your feet up; all cosy in your warm Christmas Jumper and socks. (That’s assuming you are lucky enough to get Christmas day off from work)

So why would any one want to drive on Christmas day? If you are supposed to be doing the above?

Today, we actually drove two hours (Christmas day) and to my surprise, even with the dreadful weather, the roads were busy.


It was almost like a Monday morning, people driving at ridiculous speed to get to work, as if they were running late. All I could see was the back of people’s cars (duh!) as they overtook us.


Where were all these people going? At least I had an excuse, (lol) I was going to spend Christmas with my In-laws.

Three things came to mind. They were either going to work, spend Christmas with family (like I was), or what????

Have you ever driven on Christmas day and what other reasons are there for any one to commute on this “have it all to yourself day”?

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