Brown sugar biscuits

Ingredients Plain flour Brown sugar Butter Soy milk Method In a bowl, quickly mix butter and flour together, then stir in brown sugar, combine thoroughly before adding just very little soy milk. Tightly pack together then refrigerate for a few hours. Cut into thick discs and bake  for 10 to 15 minutes on 180 degrees.Continue reading “Brown sugar biscuits”

Fraud – 419

via Daily Prompt: Fraud When I hear “fraud”, I immediately think of 419. 419 is a section of Nigerian law that covers fraud and is associated with Nigerian 419 scam. These scams come in many variations, some of them suck in the victim by promising a large share of money in return for an advanceContinue reading “Fraud – 419”

Nigerian (Igbo) traditional marriage, what to expect..

Ever wondered what goes behind a traditional marriage?, the rules, customs, traditions and generally, what steps are taken before man and woman can be seen as married in a traditional setting? Usually, when people (who are not familiar) describe traditional marriages, the first things you hear are the colourful clothes, jewellery, food, drinks and decorations.Continue reading “Nigerian (Igbo) traditional marriage, what to expect..”

About time -A movie to watch when you have lost a loved one.

There are so many movies out there that have depicted time travel in a very light hearted fashion. Examples include; “Back to the future”, “Hot tub time machine”, and “Billy and Ted” movies. These films, although fun to watch, they do not make you feel like “time travel” is possible. I recently watched a filmContinue reading “About time -A movie to watch when you have lost a loved one.”

Craft Beer’s – Tried and Tasted!

Craft Beer’s are very popular at the moment. It seems to be the “thing” for people who are passionate about beer and brewing. There are micro breweries making lots of varieties of beer’s, ranging from Ale’s to Lager’s and Stouts. You can not seem to miss the small  (but ever-growing) sections dedicated to these beer’sContinue reading “Craft Beer’s – Tried and Tasted!”

4 things migrants will miss from their home country.

We all probably know someone who might have emigrated to another country; it could be your family, friend, neighbour or even you. There are many reasons why people move around – from the need for discovery and exploration of new things (leisure) to perhaps, more serious reasons such as  escaping poverty, war, discrimination, unemployment andContinue reading “4 things migrants will miss from their home country.”