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Black eye beans buns (Akara)

This is a typical Nigerian snack. A great vegan/vegetarian sandwich filler.

All you need is…

Black eye beans



Chopped onions



Soak beans in water for a few minutes, then scrub with palms in circular motion until skin comes off. Rinse and sieve off all skins. Repeat till you are left with clean beans without skins.

Next, blend beans thoroughly to a smooth texture without lumps (add little or no water). Pour the batter into a bowl, stir in salt, onions and pepper. Scoop with spoon and deep fry in vegetable oil. Enjoy hot or cold.

2 thoughts on “Black eye beans buns (Akara)

  1. Yum! My favourite dish! I add crayfish to mine though and cook in palm oil!

    1. Thanks. Crayfish and palm oil gives it a unique flavour.

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