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B vs S; Dawn of Justice

As usual, Batman and Superman movies always deliver. They have the perfect combinations of sexy, action, story line and characters. What was the hype about Ben Affleck not being the right person to play Batman??? As far as I am concerned, he nailed it; don’t even get me started on how bulked up he was (phew). His dexterity and command of the latest Bat mobile/gadgets was a delight to watch.

Batman-vs-Superman (1)

Henry Cavill (Superman) played the role like it was created for only him. We got to see Superman in a slightly different way, not just sweet and saving people (especially Lois Lane); but angry with a menacing look.


For fashionistas out there, Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) wore the most daring and provocative dresses; leaving little to the imagination. She was a perfect infusion of femininity and strength in what looked like a “male” dominated superhero movie.


Finally, the villain (Jesse Eisenberg – who I thought at first was Michael Cera) played Lex Luthor like the all too familiar psycho we all expect the bad guy to be. Great job!





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