Black Lightning – Review

I don’t think I have ever watched any super hero tv series, I have always preferred their movies instead. Maybe it is because I just can’t bear a story line being stretched for so many seasons.

Anyway, someone made me sit and watch Black Lightning and I must say, it wasn’t what I expected at all.

Black lightning

First of all, the characters all looked like they were made for the parts they were playing and the general feel of the first episode made me want more. Two episodes down, and I am surprisingly not fed up yet.

I find the villain (Tobias Whale) very compelling and unique, another example of how the actors fit their roles perfectly.


The only thing negative I can say about Black Lightning for now, is that it’s a cliche story and the costume on the main actor (Cress Williams) looks a bit ridiculous and awkward.

Too tall maybe?……


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