Spicy black eye beans

Quick and tasty beans. Simple.


Boiled black eye beans

Onions (sliced)

Garlic (chopped)


Scotch bonnet (chopped)

Tomato puree

Olive oil

Palm oil

Stock cube


Boil beans with a bit of salt and set aside. In a deep pan, heat olive oil and palm oil together on low. Fry onions and garlic until softened, then stir in tomato puree, scotch bonnet, salt and stock cube. Keep stirring for a few more minutes so it doesn’t stick. Increase the heat and pour in beans. Mix it all up until well combined. Store for later or serve immediately with soft bread, rice, as a side dish or just as a main meal. Enjoy.

Published by bizibrain

I am a young mum with a BA in Social Science and Cookery. Author of the cookbook, "Dinner Options" on Amazon and other upcoming children's books. Passion includes, food, writing, everything unique and beautiful.

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