1916 Easter Rising Centenary

Today’s remembrance and celebration of the 1916 Rising, not only marks the fight towards independence for the Irish people, but as a country, every individual reflects and perhaps see how far the Republic of Ireland has come.

Many people would agree that today’s Ireland is very different from 100 years ago. One of the most obvious is the welcoming nature of Ireland as a nation; children of many race and religious backgrounds are given the opportunity to participate in this Great day.

I hope that this unification will continue into the future, as the Irish society becomes more integrated and multicultural, but at the same time; never forgetting its past and the people who laid down their lives for the amazing country we live in now.

Published by bizibrain

I am a young mum with a BA in Social Science and Cookery. Author of the cookbook, "Dinner Options" on Amazon and other upcoming children's books. Passion includes, food, writing, everything unique and beautiful.

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